Thursday, August 23, 2007

Naptime is the Right Time

Justin is taking his afternoon nap, which usually means that I have a couple of hours to myself. I usually utilize that time by reading. Now I have this blog to take up some of that precious reading time. I'm planning on reading tonight rather than watching anything, since I stayed up watching John Sayle's Matewan last night. It's a great movie and appropriate viewing during this time of trapped miners and mine owners taking shortcuts to save money. As for my reading: I'm currently in the middle of the novel The Guardians by Ana Castillo. I received a free advance copy of the book by requesting it through It's a perk for members, who have posted reviews on the site. I believe it's just Random House that supplies ARC's and, of course, their hope is that you will post reviews of the books they send you...or they'll stop sending you free copies. The trouble is that most of the books one gets from Random House are the usual mainstream things I try to avoid. I'm actually enjoying The Guardians. It's giving me a peek into the world of migrant workers and what their lives must be like living in Bush's America.

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