Friday, August 24, 2007

Mariners Win Again!

That's the big news for me tonight. They beat the Texas Rangers for the second game in a row. They're now only one game behind the LA Angels and they lead the Yankees by 2 games in the Wild Card division. Other than feeling good about the Mariners latest win I feel friggin' tired. Justin was cranky today. In fact, he kind of had tantrum while he was in the tub. That's unusual behavior, because he likes having a bath and had been asking me to give him one (by leading me by the finger to the bathtub.) I think he was just overtired. He didn't sleep very long during his nap today. For the moment he's sound asleep and I have decide how I want to spend the rest of my evening. I finished reading The Guardians last night and immediately started reading To Dance With The White Dog by Terry Kay. For some reason I was compelled to pick up this novel a couple of months back. I can't remember if I read a recommendation somewhere, or a blurb by the author on the back of a book I enjoyed. Initially I thought the book may have been the basis for a movie called White Dog (1982) directed by Samuel Fuller and starring Kristy McNichol and Paul Winfield about a dog trained to attack black people. Instead, Dance With The White Dog was a Hallmark made-for-TV movie starring Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. It's about an elderly man named Sam Peek, whose wife has just died as the novel begins. As Sam begins to readjust to life without his wife of 57 years he begins to see a mysterious white dog. Sam's children begin to doubt that such a dog exists and chalk it up to the steady decline of Sam's mental faculties. It's not a very long book (under 200 pages) and I'm already quite caught up with the main character. Well, I'd better sign off if I want to take advantage of my downtime and get some reading done.

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