Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

I've tried to be in the habit this summer of taking a stroll into the backyard before I go to bed. I've seen a couple of shooting stars and actually experienced quietude until the periodic car whizzed by. Tonight was special. Jen and I happened to be up at about two in the morning and I stepped out and observed that a lunar eclipse was in progress. I had been observing the soon-to-be full moon the last few nights. That's the reason I stepped outside to look at it tonight. We watched the progress of the eclipse until it was complete. It took on an amber, almost reddish hue and began to look at little like Mars. A celestial event to mark the end of my day off. This afternoon I sat in the sunny backyard and began reading Sophie's World. I've actually started keeping notes, so that I can better remember the philosophy lessons being taught. In the early evening I watched the Mariners until it was painfully obvious that they weren't not going to climb out of the hole they had put themselves in. Instead I watched White Sands with Willem Dafoe, Mickey Rourke and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. The plot is shot through with holes and I quickly forget what it's about after each time I view it, but I enjoy the southwest scenery and the actors are all good. The relationship between Dafoe and Mastrantonio is especially convincing and passionate. I kind of think of it as a guilty pleasure movie, because when I re watch it I realize that it's really not very good.

It feels good to be alive in the early hours of this cool August morning.

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