Monday, August 20, 2007

Jumping on the Band Wagon..Albeit a Little Late.

I've had a web site for at least 8 years now, but I don't spend much time on it and, not surprisingly, it doesn't get too many visitors. Everybody seems to have a blog of some sort these days. My neighbor managed to get his tires slashed by blogging about neighborhood graffiti. Every musician I check out online seems to have their own MySpace page. I hate MySpace pages. I think that the pages are generally ugly and obnoxious, but the worst aspect of is that it's owned by Rupert Murdoch. So, my thinking is that I might be more likely to update something like this, which seems to be a little quicker (once it's set up) than updating my actual web page. Ultimately, my web page would be filled with reviews. Reviews of films, books and music. I'd also like to put up essays ranting about current events and so forth. But all of that takes time plus getting over the fear of putting personal thoughts out there in public view. It doesn't seem to stop anybody else though. There are millions of opinions floating around out there and most of them are, in my humble opinion.

I've always found writing to be therapeutic and I've always enjoyed writing fiction with my eye on someday finishing something submittable. So my goal with a blog would just be to type some mental ramblings every few days. A way to defuse after a day of heavy-duty parenting. I consider dealing with a 19 month old son when I've just 46 "heavy-duty parenting." I yearn for those couple of hours in the middle of the day while he's napping. That's usually my reading time. Sometimes I need a nap just as bad as my son does, but I'd rather spend the time catching up on my reading. Gone are the days when I could spend the entire afternoon, sitting in the backyard reading a novel. Now I must be on hand to entertain my son Justin and watch that he doesn't put himself into any dangerous situations. He's at the age when he's starting to get daring. I remember his first scratch. He stumbled on the front walkway in front of our house and scraped his knee. I don't think he even noticed what happened. My wife and I were impressed that he didn't cry, but not even noticing probably is not the best response either.

Part of the reason I'm blogging today is that it's Monday and that usually means a day off from parenting for me. My wife Jen takes over the responsibility on Sunday evening, after she's had time to sleep (she works nights) and gives me a break until Tuesday afternoon. Today I slept in until nearly eleven in the morning. That's due to the fact that I was up until 3 AM, watching a few old Andy Griffith episodes followed by the first half hour of Mister Roberts. When I finally arose this morning, my son was enjoying playtime with another boy about his age named Daniel. It's kind of a weekly thing that my wife does with him. After showering, I slipped out of the house and first hit a nearby Silver Platters to pick up three CD's: Scorpions: Lovedrive, Scorpions: Love at First Sting and Judas Priest: Hell Bent for Leather. It's the first Judas Priest album I've ever bought! I don't know what's brought on this recent spell of listening to classic heavy metal. I have a feeling that it's some sort of nostalgia or "middle age crazy." (While driving back home after my outing today I was fantasizing about buying a motorcycle. Hmm.) When I was in my twenties I was listening to The Clash and Ramones, but I was to scoff at the "big hair" heavy metal bands. After the stop for music I headed for lunch, but was undecided as to where. I ruled out the usual stops, such as Jalisco's and instead I head up towards Capitol Hill, thinking of my old favorites like The Deluxe or Charlie's. I ended up eating at Gyro World inside the Broadway Market. I just love their chicken gyros and you can't beat the price of their lunch special. Today the french fries were just so salty that I couldn't finish them. The usual cook wasn't on duty, so maybe that explains the unusually salty fries. Before lunch I had stopped in at Bailey/Coy Books, where I had worked for a while. It's a great little independent bookstore with an excellent selection of titles. I bought a novel called Electricity by a British writer named Ray Robinson. It's about a young woman with epilepsy, dealing with life after the recent death of her mother. The Jim Crace blurb on the front sold me. Those blurbs get me every time!

Well, the Mariners are currently leading the Minnesota Twins 7 to 1 in the fifth inning. I think I'll close out my first post and try to get some other things done on my day off.

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