Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back on Parenting Duty

Actually, the request to take over Justin's needs came earlier than usual. It seems that my wife stayed up all night, so naturally she was exhausted this morning. This is actually not unusual. For about nine months she has been working nights at an emergency vet hospital, so her days and nights get mixed up. She tries her best to readjust and take care of Justin — starting Sunday night through Tuesday nap time — but it's not easy. I crawled out of bed at about 10:30 this morning. The last couple of nights I had been up until the wee hours of the morning, enjoying my downtime and watching episodes of the Rockford Files from the recently released fourth season. So it was a slow start for the parents in the house today.

Justin was in a great mood today. He's been babbling away the past few days, trying out new sounds. My wife Jen said that when they came downstairs yesterday morning and Justin saw our dog Molly he clearly said "Good girl!" He's also been saying "Bobby!" quite a bit, which is the name of one of three cats that share our household. He's also been quite active, climbing on top of the coffee table and throwing the various balls about the living room. He's clearly saying ball now instead of "bubble." At first everything that was spherical was a "bubble." Now he's starting to distinguish between balls, bubbles and the latest addition: balloons. In Justinspeak balloon becomes ah-boo.

The Seattle Mariners won again. This is their fifth straight win. They're currently 1½ games behind the Angels in the West and at least a couple of games ahead of the Yankees in the Wild Card race. They're 19 games over 500! After three years of being in the doldrums, it's nice to be in a pennant race.

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